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Your questions answered.

Travel Section

When is the best time of year to take a golf trip to the UK?
We will arrange your package for your preferred dates but of course the best weather in the UK is between April and October.

When should I book my trip?
As early as you possibly can, a year ahead of your planned travel dates is not too soon as many of the top rated championship courses are sold out of visitor times that far ahead. But if you cannot book so far in advance don’t give up whatever you do, with very close contacts with the golf clubs and hotels we are quite used to making everything happen even at short notice.

Many of the golf courses you will wish to play are private golf clubs and therefore have varying restrictions on visitor play - normally demand outstrips supply, therefore it is never too early to begin planning your golf tour.

The golden rule is the further ahead you can book, the better.

Do I need Travel Insurance?
Yes, we recommend travel insurance protection for all our clients. To obtain the best tee times on top rated golf courses and accommodation at hotels requires advance booking and prepayment. With the purchase of a Trip Cancellation/Interruption policy, you are covered for the amount purchased for non-refundable prepaid expenses for travel arrangements, in the event you are prevented from taking a trip for covered reasons.

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of travel insurance and urge you to take it out at the time you place your deposit and have the added benefit of the automatic coverage of any pre-existing conditions.

Do you recommend I pack hard travel cases for my clubs?
No, hard travel cases for golf clubs will severely tax the available luggage space in your rental vehicle and may well cause you more headaches than you can imagine. For those in self-drive vehicles, we recommend you limit your luggage where possible - e.g. Typical luggage for one golfer: 1 suitcase, golf clubs in a soft carry case and hand luggage.

There will be eight of us, what is the largest car rental we can get?
The largest self-drive vehicle available is a people carrier capable of seating seven but the rear seats are removed to make space for luggage and golf bags. Including luggage and golf clubs a people carrier will accommodate more than 4 passengers total. One golf bag and one normal sized suitcase should be all you need for a one or two week golf trip.

For a group of eight you will need two people carriers (MPVs) if you wish to self-drive. The alternative is to take a chauffeur drive option

Will a coach and driver cost more?
Not necessarily, the cost will be approximately the same as two minivan rentals when you factor in the cost of fuel. But there are many other reasons why a chauffeur drive option may be a good idea:

You will have no concerns about losing your way, driving on the wrong side of the road, missing a tee-time or drinking and driving (the laws against this are tough).

We normally recommend a 16 seat Motor Coach for a group of 8, allowing the maximum of space for passengers and luggage

Golf Section

How do we book caddies?
We strongly recommend pre requesting caddies prior to your arrival. Caddies are all self employed so they cannot be guaranteed at any golf course. Some courses do not have a caddy system in operation but will be able to offer pull carts. Caddy fees are usually in the range £35-£50 including tip.

Can we book a cart?
Not all courses offer ride on carts (buggies). Some may have quite a few, whilst others may have none, or a few only for use in exceptional circumstances but these will normally require a medical certificate. If you cannot play without using a cart please advise us at time of booking and we can tailor a package to best suit you.

Why do I need a handicap certificate?
Some of the courses you will be playing are regarded as very challenging. The golf courses set their own rating on what standard of player they believe can play the course whilst still enjoying the experience and not adversely affecting the experience for other golfers, Therefore, please bring your handicap certificate with you as you may be asked to show proof of playing ability.

Some courses set a minimum handicap limit, which we will advise on when we are planning your tour. Examples of this are:

Wentworth West Course - Men 24 Ladies 32
East & Edinburgh Courses - Men 28 Ladies 45
Sunningdale Men 18 Ladies 24

Stoke Park Club Handicap Certificate Required
Royal St George's Handicap Limit is 18

Will I need to take a jacket and tie with me for the evenings?
Some of the more traditional golf clubs with access to the clubhouse may require a jacket and tie. Generally golf clubs do not allow jeans and sneakers in the club house. Generally, golf clubs allow visitors to use the clubhouse facilities including the locker rooms and dining areas

Is there a dress code for golf courses?
Yes, but the code is very similar to what you would expect at any private club. Dress conservatively and remember the basic rules of, no jeans or sleeveless shirts, wear proper golf shoes and if wearing short pants, wear sports socks with minimum colour. Some traditional courses insist on knee high socks with short pants.

Is it possible to rent clubs?
Yes, it is possible to rent clubs at many of the courses. The cost will be anywhere from about £30.00 to £50.00 per round of golf; however, we recommend that you bring your own clubs along. You will be playing some difficult courses, probably for the first time, and you may never have the opportunity to play them again. You will not play as well as you do with your own clubs so bring them if you possibly can.

Any other questions?
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us, we are here to help you in whatever way we can.

If you are reading this, then the chances are that you are considering a golf tour of Europe. Obviously, we strongly believe no other resource can present you with an expedition which compares, in qualify or value, with one designed and organized by London Golf. Our adventures offer comprehensive service, including everything from tee times to dining reservations, to shopping advice and sightseeing arrangements.

We will be happy to custom prepare a vacation specific to your unique aspirations, needs and desires.


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